The Secret Garden (2014)


The Guardian   ****
“Ingenious design in an alfresco setting”
“Kate Saxon’s adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel boasts heart, charm and a thoroughly convincing cast”
“The infrastructure of Grosvenor Park theatre becomes more impressive by the year. What began as a few raked seats around a flowerbed has evolved into a fully enclosed amphitheatre that echoes Chester’s Roman foundations, and Kate Saxon’s production proves to be a delightful way to fill it”
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The Reviews Hub   **** 1/2
“Yet again Chester’s Open Air Theatre in the glorious surroundings of Grosvenor Park turns out another fantastic production”
Jessica Swale’s tight adaptation keeps all magic and mystery of Hodson Burnett’s original novel and condenses them down to family friendly running time of just over two hours.
“this really is an ensemble piece of the highest calibre, every cast member, no matter what the role give a heartfelt and precise performance, which only makes the experience especially for those perhaps getting their first taste of theatre even more magical”
“Running in repetory with Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors and Macbeth, The Secret Garden is a magical family show”
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