Romeo and Juliet (2015)


The Guardian   ****
“picnic in the park with a side salad of Shakespeare”
“This compelling outdoor production stills the rustling of sandwich wrappers by adapting perfectly to its environment, with food fights and fizz”
“Measuring the success of Grosvenor Park’s Open Air theatre, now into its sixth season, is like counting the rings of a tree. Every year the circular wooden amphitheatre gains an additional couple of rows: this year they have also increased the rug allocation surrounding the stage”
“a production perfectly adapted to its environment”
“The performances are bold, brisk and well-defined”
“A shout-out is also due to Grosvenor Park’s exceptional young team of stewards, whose friendliness, forbearance and powder-blue fleeces make a major contribution to the festive atmosphere”
“this uniquely relaxed venue”
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The Observer   ****
“[with Wind in the Willows] pitch-perfect double bill”
“These versatile actors move seamlessly from Toad Hall to tragedy”
“Artistic director Alex Clifton’s excellent summer repertory company”
“As the star-crossed lovers, [Jessica Clark & Adam Harley] are intoxicated and intoxicating – brimming over with youthful life and love and fun; shimmering like butterflies newly free of the chrysalis”
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Chester Chronicle   *****
“Director Alex Clifton stamps his mark of distinction on Shakespeare’s classic doomed romance”
“[Clifton] grounded the story in a gritty reality that is refreshingly down to earth”
Jessica Clark and Adam Harley are unforgettable in the title roles, mainly because they do not play them as star-struck, simpering, soppy young lovers but as stroppy, bad-tempered, self-centred teenagers who know what they want and don’t care who they have to use or abuse to get it”
“whether you feel you know Romeo and Juliet back to front or have never seen the play performed live before, there is something fresh and new to be savoured in this Chester production – come rain or shine”
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British Theatre Guide
“The first production of this year’s Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre is Romeo and Juliet and the season has certainly opened in style”
Jessica Clark shines like the late afternoon sunshine as the wilful yet besotted teenager with delivery that has the audience both engrossed and amused”
Adam Harley is the perfect foil as a playful Romeo who finds every aspect of his new love irresistible”
Alex Clifton and the cast deserve huge credit for producing such a strong performance”
“This production of Romeo and Juliet is engrossing, enchanting yet inevitably tragic and leaves us anticipating the other two plays in the repertoire”
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The Reviews Hub   ****
“It’s a warm summers evening, you have a glass of fizz in hand, one of Shakespeare’s most legendary plays being played before you. Really, what better way is there to while away an evening?”
“What is initially striking about the show is its wonderful, exuberant pace”
Adam Harley and Jessica Clarke take on the title roles with a beautiful sense of energy which reflects what it is to be a teenager in love”
“The whole ensemble are excellent in performance”
“The production, setting and staff make the evening as a whole a wonderful experience”