Merlin and the Woods of Time (2011)


The Daily Telegraph   ****
“If 2011 delivers a more entertainingly bonkers play than Glyn Maxwell’s Merlin and the Woods of Time, then I’d like to see it”
“Never having previously visited Chester’s Open Air Theatre in Grosvenor Park – immaculate public gardens, close by the river, all very idyllic – I’d have settled for something passably, and peaceably, enjoyable. As it is, Maxwell – an admired poet who has made numerous imaginative attempts at drama and verse-drama in the past – goes for broke in rustling up a comedy that almost outdoes Monty Python and the Holy Grail (to which it is plainly indebted) in silliness”
“the marvel of the evening is how something so little allied to sense or structure could hold your attention – but somehow it does”
“the cast is integral to making Maxwell’s zaniness zing”
Alex Clifton directs this warm-hearted, family-friendly hoot”
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What’s On Stage   ****
Glyn Maxwell is well served by Chester Performs, and for a PG (but not PC) show, ample sophistication is mixed with entertaining zaniness: complementary songs and music and colourful costume. The delight is in the detail, played out in a simply appealing rustic setting”
“the entire cast deserves praise”
“an enchanting performance. Be sure not to miss it, or As you Like It – you certainly will, with an excellent company like this”
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