Masters Are You Mad? (2012)


The Stage
Glyn Maxwell is clearly an author of some merit, as with this script the transition between original and supposition is barely noticeable and indeed, in parts, is certainly worthy of being bracketed within the same stable”
“fine performances and the excellent directorship of Robin Norton-Hale
“[Haseeb Malik‘s] comic presence is quite magical to watch”
“the music – particularly the rhythms and cadence of the Siren’s song supplied by Ellen O’Grady – adds nicely to an atmosphere of quintessential Englishness”
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Chester Chronicle
Glyn Maxwell has reason to be confident after the triumph of his original work for last year’s Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre – Merlin and the Woods of Time”
“there is slapstick; witty lines there are a-plenty; and he has again created a couple of marvellous characters”
“There are countless amusing jibes at the Bard’s apparent obsession with cross dressing and I loved the early satirical swipes at the notion of quantitative easing which was also a smart nod to the continuing relevance of Shakespearean themes in the 21st century”
“Sarah Lambie stole the show for me as Coraline – the Viola equivalent – a girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl (I think!)”
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