2010, Past Productions


‘Idyllic’4 stars
The Guardian

Summer 2010

A riotous new adaptation of Hercules with not only Twelve Labours but also domestic disputes, intrusive paparazzi and one god-sized identity crisis.

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by Helen Eastman
Directed by Alex Clifton

Design by takis
Music by Alex Silverman
Movement Direction by Jane Gibson
Lighting by Marc Williams
Casting by Kay Magson

Liam Bergin Cerberus/Chorus
Stefan Butler Iolaus
David Caves Hercules
Fine Time Fontayne Amphytrion/Geryon/Chorus
Fiona J Keats Meg/Queen of the Amazons/Chorus
Jake Maskall Bullfighting Compere/Cerberus/Chorus
Ged McKenna Chorus
Robert Mountford Charon/Chorus
Russell Richardson Wrestling MC/Atlas/Erythmanthian Bore/Chorus
Leon Scott Cerberus/Chorus Leader
Augustina Seymour PA to Queen of the Amazons/Chorus
Dale Superville Nemean Lion/Orthus/Cretan Bull/Chorus
Susan Twist Trainer to Queen of the Amazons/Chorus