As You Like It (2011)


The Guardian   ****
“Now in its second year, Chester’s Grosvenor Park company has rapidly established itself as an attractive, northern alternative to the Globe and Regent’s Park”
“a cheerful confusion of styles, matching renaissance and modern outfits for a funky doublet-and-jeans look”
“I’d concur with Sophie Roberts‘s winning Celia when she declares: “I like this place and would willingly waste some time here.””
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The Stage
“Shakespeare could not have wished for a better production of As You Like It than that which is being played out beneath the trees of Grosvenor Park”
“it smacks of sheer energy, fizz and enthusiasm, all of which are given free rein by the first-rate direction of Nikolai Foster
“As for the performances, all those involved are quite superb”
“With a natural setting of woodland accentuated by some spellbinding choreography and sumptuous costumes, this As You Like is quite simply stunning and deserves to be lauded
from on high”
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